Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Life Day

Hanukkah was weeks ago. The week of Saturnalia is almost over. It's Winter Solstice, and Christmas is impending. But what about Life Day? Yes, Life Day. It's a Wookiee holiday and the focal point of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special:

In my opinion, the holiday special isn't that bad. It has the same kind of cheesy elements that have been perpetually part of the Star Wars saga, albeit in higher concentration. For example, Darth Vader was a hilarious villain even before the Chad Vader spoof series. He moves his hand while James Earl Jones speaks - and in silly one-liners to boot ("Your training is complete.")! Anakin Skywalker was a cheesy kid ("Yippie!") and an unbelievably whiny young adult ("Waa waa waa!"). Theoretically, the character of Anakin - and his messianic / tragic journey - is the stuff of sound mythology that would do Mithras proud, but the execution was pretty cheesy.

Apparently, I'm ranting about Star Wars. I guess I've ascended to a higher plane of geekiness! Anyhow, Happy Life Day, or as Chewbacca would say: "Nwuoauaaavouoauuwoouai haaowuoua haaamoaaa vaaua wyuaauaouroa vrraaavoouou wuaanyuuo! Hraaoouahauuwouaa raoaauaruuaooa raaooaoaroaaoa waouuoa rouoouoruuaa huuaaihuouaa waoaonoaua ruaoohaaouo."

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