Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wer Mit Romney Ist?

Wer mit Romney ist? It's probably a horrible Babel Fish English-German translation, but roughly translated: Who is with Romney? Increasingly, the Republican Party is with Romney, to the chagrin of Rudy Giuliani.

If we're speaking in puns, the question asks: Who is Mitt Romney? To answer this, let's play FUNDIE?! JINGO?! or PINKO?!!!

Fundie? Technically no but realistically yes. Romney is a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or in more efficient language, a Mormon. Technically, he is not a Bible Belt-approved Evangelical Christian, but that's for the fundies of America to decide. Since his denomination has had a history of religious persecution in America, Romney is against official public school prayer that specifically endorses a particular religion or denomination or dogma.

Jingo? Yes...sort of. Romney doesn't seem to be particularly gung-ho about Iraq, all the while showing some quasi-support of the Bush Administration's handling of foreign policy. He does, however, support the Guantanamo Bay prison and the use of the phrase enhanced interrogation techniques instead of torture.

Pinko? Um, yes...kinda? As governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed legislation to ensure health coverage for as many residents of the state as possible, with free health care for those under the poverty line. He did initially veto some parts of the Massachusetts health care reform law, but those vetoes have since been overridden.

Mitt Romney is a fundie but not really, a jingo in a sense but not in another, and a pinko of a Republican. He is as politically ambiguous as a Republican can get - an Arnold Schwarzenegger without action hero cred or foreign birth - and because of this, I smell a likely GOP nominee.

Mitt Romney photo credit: Steve Jurvetson.

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