Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ron Paul Needs to Be Noticed by the Corporate Media, Survey Implies

After a four million dollar Guy Fawkes Day, Ron Paul and his supporters have consistently put exclamation marks on his presidential campaign...on the Internet. This is obvious to me personally because:

1. There are conceivably thousands, if not millions, of blog entries that either focus on Ron Paul or name drop to get attention;

2. More people dig (and Digg)'s posts about Ron Paul than blog entries here that aren't about him; and

3. About 50% of those who responded to's U.S. Politics survey said they would vote for Ron Paul in the 2008 Presidential Election.
Referring to number 2 listed above, since we have been adding to the positive "press" about Dr. No, it's only logical that the good doctor's fans would wind up taking our little survey. Well, okay, if that's the case, it's great that the buzz is still growing strong! The only thing that could derail this train would be a Howard Dean soundbite for the corporate media (more about that later) to spin and spin to their devices.

About 16% of those surveyed would vote for one of the media visible candidates: Hillary Clinton, Fred Thompson, etc. The rest of our respondents - about 34% - would vote for another kind of candidate, whether satirical (Stephen Colbert) or unwilling to join (Al Gore).

According to our respondents, neither liberals nor conservatives control the media. About 42% suggest that the media is biased toward corporate interests, and about 50% suggest that the media only care about Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton.
This brings me back to the topic of Ron Paul and the race for the GOP nomination. On the news and in newspapers, we constantly hear about Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson - as well as McCain's campaign woes - but we rarely hear about Dr. Paul's message of freedom and limited government. Paul obviously had a good reaction during his Tonight Show with Jay Leno interview, but he is often left out of giant corporate polls. Methinks that unlike the other GOP (and also Democratic) candidates, corporations and special interests are actually threatened by this man. This type of thinking agrees with about 8% of respondents, who believe in another kind of media conspiracy.

What kind of conspiracy, you might ask? You guessed it: Reptilian Humanoids.

You can still take our U.S. Politics, Religion, and Pop Culture surveys if you haven't already.

The Ron Paul Congressional photo used in this post is in the Public Domain.

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  2. Traditional Media support (TV) has indeed been slow to respond. Continued Internet education of voters about Dr. Paul's U.S. Constitution based platform is making great strides toward showing Dr. Paul for the true Republican he is...

    Ron Paul is a Constitutionist, a true Republican. A Ron Paul Presidency would encourage the original Constitution's balance of power, eliminating the seemingly absolute power of the Executive branch.

    Ron Paul would immediately remove our military from Iraq and other non-essential areas of the world. Saving lives is paramount. Please see the following website?

    Then he would begin the process of trimming the unconstitutional federal government departments. Such military and departmental streamlining would reduce the federal budget immensely. These combined savings would be a serious beginning to paying down the enormous federal debt we owe to Japan, China, and several other nations. The benefits of paying down the debt are clear; the dollar value would be increased making it more competitive with the euro and our children and grandchildren will not be strapped with debt.

    By streamlining the Federal Government the collected funds will also be used to pay back the borrowed Social Security funds. Please to remember, the Social Security lockbox is empty?

    Having chuckled when imagining the elimination of the IRS, hopefully, this can be a reality by substituting a less invasive, indirect tax.

    Please refer to Ron Paul's archived writings: You will find him well versed on current applications of constitutional law.

    Linda Inveninato


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