Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Republicans, Thou Shalt Nominate Ron Paul...Pretty Please?

I'm a registered Democrat, and this is not reverse psychology. Truth be told, while it will give me greater peace of mind to have Ron Paul and Democrat TBD as the two major candidates, there are several good reasons why "Dr. No" should defeat Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain, etc., for the GOP nomination. We won't get into that here. (Google Ron Paul, as they say.) Anyhow, let's play Fundie, Jingo, or Pinko?:

Fundie? Yes, but not necessarily in the Religious Right kind of way. As a limited Federal government conservative, he reserves to the States - not the Federal government - the right to decide over hot button issues, such as abortion, gay marriage, etc.

Jingo? No. Ron Paul asserts his strict adherence to the Constitution when it comes to matters of national importance. That being said, the Constitution only allows Congress to declare war, and since the current war in Iraq wasn't declared by Congress, Paul doesn't support it.

Pinko? No. Dr. Paul is against socialized health care and leniency for undocumented immigrants. He also desires this nation to transition out of Medicare and Social Security retirement plans for younger generations, in favor of multiple free market choices. He is against collectivism, and if Yoda were a political pundit, he'd say: "Collectivism leads to socialism. Socialism leads to communism. Communism leads to bread lines. Hungry, I am."

Anyway, here's a feature-length Google Video documentary in favor of Ron Paul. Be informed and enjoy it (if you can):

For the time being, I'm going to play by some sort of ethical code, as I won't change political parties just to vote for Ron Paul's nomination in my state's primary. If Ron Paul doesn't get the GOP nomination in Summer 2008, and if he runs as a Libertarian, Constitution, or other independent party candidate, may he be to the Republicans what Ralph Nader was to the Democrats in 2000.

You've all been warned. (Or reassured?)

Ron Paul photo credit: Allison Stillwell.

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  1. I switched parties, albeit from Libertarian to Republican, so that I could vote fro Dr. No in the primaries. Also, he said hee wouldnt run third party if he didnt get the nomination so it looks like the Nader effect is out of the question.


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