Friday, November 23, 2007

Photograph Friday: Religious Crayon Bee

It's been almost two years, but this drawing never ceases to make me grin. I've always wondered who drew a crayon/bee that believed in God:

I taught at a private school backed by a religious institution, so the school prayer debate that's plagued public schools for the past decades was a non-issue (more on my beliefs concerning the separation of church and state in a future post). It was during school election time, and four students named Carrie, Andres, Victor, and Emily formed an ad hoc political party called C.A.V.E. to increase their chances of getting elected into a student body office. You can see the C.A.V.E. party paraphernalia strewn about the bee drawing.

I wonder how many offices the C.A.V.E. party won that year. I wonder if they made good on whatever promises they made during their campaign. I hope a former student of mine happens upon this post to fill me in on some trivia.

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