Thursday, November 15, 2007

John McCain: Fundie, Jingo, or Pinko?

Politics is absurd. Far from Plato's ideal of a Philosopher King Council, the route to power involves nickel-and-diming the actions of everyone involved and a zeitgeist of mean-spirited mudslinging.

With that said, the current round of trivial politicking involves John McCain, a John McCain supporter, Hillary Clinton, and the word bitch. Feel free to Google all that information, as you'll find loads of commentary on both sides of the fence. You won't find that here, though, as we're about to play -

Fundie?! Jingo?!! Or Pinko?!!!

As a preface to the game, let me say that almost eight years ago, John McCain was once a great candidate for the GOP. History (arguably) and I would have preferred if he and Al Gore had that photo finish in November of 2000. Needless to say, things turned out differently. Anyhow...

Fundie? Increasingly. When he was Bush's rival for the 2000 nomination, and while he is a pro-life person, McCain said he would uphold Roe v. Wade to prevent dangerous abortions from occurring. Needless to say, he's flip-flopped in the past seven years, or is that he learned from his mistakes? Saying that the United States is a Christian nation sort of implies a desire for the democracy to become a theocracy (call me crazy) and is instant grounds for fundie status. John McCain once had this sentiment, but recently nuanced his position by using the more vague and more acceptable Judeo-Christian values line: "What I do mean to say is the United States of America was founded on the values of Judeo-Christian values, which were translated by our founding fathers which is basically the rights of human dignity and human rights." That's according to a Wikipedia article, and we all know the potential for inaccuracy there.

Jingo? Yes, most likely. He has supported the current administration's aggressive foreign policy. He also is sensitive to the issue of government-authorized torture, as he was a POW during the Vietnam War. On a slightly related and somewhat contrary note, McCain has been criticized for his gun control positions by pro-gun groups.

Pinko? No. McCain is for privatized Social Security (as contradictory as that phrase looks) and against universal health care.

Also of note is the legacy of those named John Sidney McCain. Candidate McCain is version 3.0, and one of his sons is number four.

Senator McCain's Congressional Photo is in the public domain.

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