Monday, November 5, 2007

Dick Cheney Predicted the Future in 1994!

Ah, yes...1994. 'Twas the year Kurt Cobain breathed his last, when Pearl Jam started to battle greedy corporations (but ultimately lost to Ticketmaster), and when Billy Corgan took the opportunity to lead his band to fill that empty space at the top of the rock 'n roll business. A little sitcom about a group of friends debuted in the fall of that year, and it was called...well, that's not important right now.

It was also the year that Dick Cheney analyzed the situation of the first Iraq war in a sort of prophetic (self-fulfilling and opportunistic, perhaps?) doublespeak:

Yes, several people have already seen the video clip in the past few months (934,626 thus far), but if this blog can find new viewers, then we've done a job (slightly) well done. By the way, here's a C-SPAN video analyzing the phenomenon that it had unwittingly started:

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