Thursday, November 1, 2007

Conservatives Don't Do Surveys, Survey Says

We'd like our pubic opinion surveys to be as living and dynamic as possible, so we won't close any of our surveys until our survey server - SurveyMonkey - closes them for us. With this in mind, our Pop Culture and Religion surveys still need YOUR opinion, if you haven't already taken these surveys. Thanks!

Anyhow, here are a few amusing factoids generated by our initial responses:

About 5% of respondents of the two surveys we have out so far have identified themselves as both socially and economically conservative. 0% identify themselves as very conservative.
There's a chance that the same respondents took both surveys, and thus inflated an already low percentage, but that is not the point. I'm not always going to qualify my hyperbole with saying "This is hyperbole," but apparently, Republicans are unwilling to reveal personal information unless enacted into law, i.e., The Patriot Act et al.

Also, maybe the liberal bias of this blog does not appeal to neoconservative Republicans, either. Our favorable opinion of GOP candidiate Ron Paul probably doesn't help our case, either, as he is reviled and vilified as Dr. No by big government jingos and fundies. (Okay, maybe using the terms jingo and fundie doesn't help as well.)

57% of those who have taken the pop culture survey like Jon Stewart and Elvis Presley.
And no, they aren't all the same people, as some people like Stewart but not Elvis, vice versa, or both. Obviously they are both well-liked by many.

58% of respondents dislike Fox News and George W. Bush, but 41% dislike both simultaneously. 0% said that they like President Bush, but 8% said they like Fox News.
I guess most of those who like Fox News do so for the entertainment value of the channel.

67% of respondents do not care about Queen Elizabeth II and Oprah.
Evidently, nobody cares about the Queen...of England or America.

42% like The Princess Bride and/or the concept of revenge.
"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die," say about 50% of social liberals and 43% of social moderates. I'd like to think it's a little bit of both - a well-liked movie and a very convenient emotion/action. Evidently, this essentially debunks the stereotype of peace-lovin' bleeding heart liberals 'n stuff. Also, a justified war would have support across the board. Tit-for-tat revenge (or retaliation more appropriately) would constitute such a war. Hmm...didn't we (the US) have such a cause between September 11, 2001, and March of 2003?

83% of females would be wined, dined, and bitten by Dracula, without any prior consent.
And all respondents whose gender identification was "other" also failed to recognize Dracula. Since Dracula is probably an equal opportunity vampire, they too - as well as about 80% of males - would certainly be ambushed by the Count and/or his minions.

11% consider their religion to be a parody.
Unfortunately, we didn't ask whether they serve the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Bob, or [insert typically serious deity here which would have made this statement more bold and controversial but I wussed out at the last moment and instead created an italicized run-on between the brackets].

We hope you enjoyed this week's dose of bias and fuzzy math!

George W. Bush's official photo is in the public domain.

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