Thursday, November 29, 2007

Abortion Still a Complex Issue, Survey Says

You can definitely file the title of this blog post under duh. Anyhow, here are some preliminary results from the U.S. abortion survey:

64% of respondents are pro-choice, and about 2/3 of those who responded as pro-life do so absolutely ("Pro-life, period"). The majority response of 43% believe that the ultimate decision should be left to the states. About 85% of respondents range from socially moderate to very liberal. About 56% range from economically moderate to very conservative.

Evidently, there is a libertarian lean to our results so far. The results imply the importance of freedom: The personal freedom of choice, state's rights in opposition to federal uniformity, tolerance in society, and free market capitalism.

The most interesting statistic is that 71% of respondents are male and/or never had a uterus.

We will obviously have to further get into the results and break down responses according to political beliefs and other demographic information. I hoped that more women would have responded to the survey.

While I am not espousing disenfranchisement of the male vote if/when this issue goes to the voting booth, I would like the male opinion to be silent for this phase of the debate. I would like to know what women think about abortion (and facetiously others able to give birth: Male seahorses, the god Zeus giving birth to the goddess Athena, etc.). I suspect the issue would be just as divided between pro-choice and pro-life (and pro-life-period and pro-life-but) among women as it is for the entire population. However, in my opinion, the female opinion carries more weight in this debate than dudes like me.

All I'm saying is that men should listen to the diverse opinions of their wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, lady friends, and girlfriends before casting their two cents - and more importantly, before casting their votes.

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