Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Technology Tuesday: Podcast, PageRank, and Providing Video on Demand

As I am preparing to record another episode of my company Mutiny Universe's podcast (after what seems to be a month-long hiatus), I have a few technology-related topics to briefly gloss over:

After months of wondering, Google has finally gifted DeRamos.org a PageRank (PR) of 2! Hooray! On the other hand, several of the biggest bloggers in the Blogosphere are beginning to downplay the overall usefulness of the PageRank system, etc., etc. I suppose their general rationale is that their high volume of traffic still keeps growing in spite of any downward change of their PR. That sounds fair, but being near the bottom of the blog food chain, it's good to know that the indicators of Internet presence and web traffic - PR, Alexa, Technorati, etc. - are showing that this site is slowly rising in the ranks.

Speaking of the other PR - public relations - that disaster of a disaster management bureaucracy, FEMA, has made a PR blunder by holding a fake press conference regarding their aid to the recent California state of emergency. While they could have issued a press release in video form just stating the facts, they foolishly dramatized a press conference, complete with FEMA staffers posing as journalists.

Thanks to YouTube for providing so many choices of video clips to provide an example of the aforesaid FEMA pseudo-conference. Speaking of YouTube, an alliance of broadcasters, fed up with YouTube's alleged copyright infringing environment, have created a site called Hulu.com, which will provide TV shows and other entertainment industry-made videos on demand. Those given access to the site, as it's currently a closed beta, say that Hulu.com is more of a competition to cable/satellite than it is to user-generated video sites like YouTube because of the television shows, movies, etc. that Hulu.com is reported to provide. Anyway, I signed up in the hope that I'll get a little sneak peak at the site before it goes live in a couple of months. So I guess I'll see it in a couple of months.

Mrs. Paige Page, aka Paige Davis, photo credit: DallasSummerMusicals.

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