Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Technology Tuesday: Alexa

Whether it's TV, film, or the Internet, ratings are important...apparently. Other "people" (well, it's more like search engines that tell people results) want to know which sites have more traffic and therefore would be the "popular" choice of various searches of various topics.

If you are new to blogging, or are an experienced blogger who hasn't entered the realm of audience optimization (not really search engine optimization [SEO] per se but approaching that level), it might be a good idea to download and install Alexa. Alexa is basically a non-spyware (in theory) add-on to your browser that provides ratings for the sites you visit. For instance, the more visitors to DeRamos.org who use Alexa-supplemented web browsers, the higher this site's rating will be.

Currently, we're ranked at #1,296,200. That's not so bad considering that DeRamos.org was in the two million range last week. It is, of course, a long way off from #1 (Yahoo!) and #2 (Google), or even #13 - Blogger, which hosts this blog.

Anyhow, two of the most popular indicators of website viability are Google PageRank (PR) and Amazon.com's Alexa rating system. While PageRank has eluded me for the past four months (we have a PR of zero. nil. zilch. nada.), Alexa is quickly showing results for DeRamos.org - which carries over to the DeRamos.org subdomains (Society of Gloves, Chord du Jour, etc.).

According to Wikipedia, Alexa's "competitors in the internet market research space include Compete, Inc, ComScore, Hitwise, Nielsen//NetRatings, Netcraft, Ranking.com and Quantcast."

If Sunday is reserved for surveys, then Tuesday will be our day for technology blurbs.

Alexa Vega (one of the Spy Kids) photo credit: Imageboy1.

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