Monday, October 15, 2007

Spider, Man. Man, Spider.

So I was on the toilet a while ago (and that's one of the very few times I'll mention that in this post...we swears!)...

I noticed a little brown spider spinning and seemingly testing her silk. I couldn't tell if she was building a home, a fly trap, or just spelunking. Anyway, I was in a awe of what she was doing, and I had a conversation (of sorts) with my temporary friend.

I was talking about web weaving with the spider, as well as other things too esoteric to write about in this blog entry. And at the moment, I didn't feel like I was being patronizing to the spider. I didn't feel like I was a behemoth of a god, acting bemused at a human being building a skyscraper. No, at that moment, we were two living things...doing our business, respectively...and I was glad to have the company. Keep in mind what my particular business was at the time, and that's as much company as I prefer to have doing that particular line of business.

And so my friend and I parted ways. Maybe one of her web threads contains a non-anthropomorphic document of our encounter; probably not. Either way, the matrix she started to weave is likely doomed, since bathrooms need to be cleaned. I don't know how long my little brown spider friend will last in that environment. She might be stepped on accidentally, killed as we sometimes kill arthropods and insects, or eaten by a cricket. Anyway, I do wish her luck...maybe next time (or next life) I'll be creating something and she'll be taking a crap.

Check out this video of a spider creating a web:

American house spider photo credit: Patrick Edwin Moran.

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