Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Society of Gloves "Who Are Your Friends?"

Check out The Society of Gloves' latest song "Who Are Your Friends?" (the Society being my band). We wrote the song three years ago, performed it at a gig once, and officially recorded it two months ago. There are several places to find, stream, and/or download this song:

1. Scroll down this page until you see a heart-shaped guitar pick on a guitar fretboard that says "Society of Gloves" (a formation I call a "heartcage"). This image will be on the right-hand column. If your browser is up-to-date, you will see a music player widget below the picture. "Friends?" is the topmost song on the list (for the time being), so click on that title to stream the song.

2. Right-click on this link, and choose the "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." option to download the song.

3. Go to the Society's de facto website/blog. At the top left is the same streaming music widget. To the right of the widget are a bunch of "album covers," where you can download "Friends?" and other Society songs.

4. Go to the Society's MySpace Music profile to stream the song. Be sure to add the Society as a friend if you are a MySpace member.

5. This link leads to our PayPal donation page. Rest assured, the downloads are free, and I'm just adding that link to this list in case you're feeling generous.

Well, are you?

P.S. Maybe I should have entitled the song with a contraction: "Who're Your Friends?" so it could double as "Whore Your Friends," which would have been funny. Actually, calling it "Who're You're Friends" ("Who Are You Are Friends") would have been funnier. Maybe we should write a sequel song called "How Are Your Friends?" Then again, maybe not.

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