Saturday, October 13, 2007

So This Is What Happened to Joey Tribbiani...

Though never shown on U.S. television, the powers that be gave the character Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) a third-tier ending of sorts, two years after the other five Friends. Apparently having forgotten and never contacting the other five, Joey hangs out with a leftover group of friends, has a not-Rachel/Phoebe/Monica girlfriend, and has a not-Chandler/Ross best friend, ironically played by the same actor that played Joey's psycho, post-Chandler roommate in an earlier Friends story arc (Adam Goldberg).

Yes, they should have done the Guest Star Friends Olympics when they had the chance. Anyway, this is the last episode of Joey, broadcast on what is apparently New Zealand television:

At least the series finale wasn't a cliffhanger. You can watch virtually every episode of this ill-fated series (except the final one posted above and the penultimate episode) at In2TV.

Matt LeBlanc photo credit: Alan Light.

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