Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ron Paul Is Not a Hair Product Magnate

The name you were thinking of is John Paul DeJoria - the John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patrón tequila guy.

As a progressive (a liberal to you nay-sayers), I not only get along with those who share a similar ideology (but some progressives can be douche-bags, too), I get along with many libertarians and other small-government paleo-conservatives.

The modern-day Republican party has exponentially become a vehicle for big government, nationalism, fundamentalism, jingoism, nation-building, etc., so it's refreshing that the slightly obscure frontrunner* for the Republican President nomination, Congressman/Dr. Ron Paul claims to be a small government libertarian.

Ron Paul is a social conservative, and therefore has a social ideology that often opposes my (idealistic) worldview. However, as stated two sentences ago, he also apparently believes in small government. If elected President, theoretically** he'll leave the decisions concerning these hot-button issues to state governments, not the Federal government. That's pretty cool if your state shares much of your own ideological views, and extremely uncool otherwise. Check out his Wikipedia pages (biography, political views) which have large lists of references, if large lists of references in Wikipedia reassure you in any way.

Anyhow, while I probably won't vote for this guy in November 2008, I'd feel a lot better if Ron Paul were the GOP nominee. Check out this video of paleoconservative Rep. Paul schooling neoconservative Bill O'Reilly:

Yadda, yadda, yadda, my conclusion: This nation's collective mantra should be like Google's unofficial motto: "Don't be evil."

*There are lots of Ron Paul references on the Internet and especially the Blogosphere (this blog included), but Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain (oh, if it were the year 2000 again!), and Fred Thompson overshadow Paul on television. Conspiracy theories, anyone?

**Politicians do tend to change their minds, with more consequence than others who change their minds.

Ron Paul's House of Representatives photograph is in the public domain.

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