Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pop Culture Observations

Here are three observations, possibly relevant to this site:

1. We've had a crapload of hits from people looking for MILF Island. That's hilarious! They are either looking for more information about 30 Rock, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front of the southern Philippine Islands, or for porn. Or all of the above...who knows?

Are the same amount of people searching for Are You Stronger than a Dog? Probably not, but here's an advertisement that NBC posted on Youtube with a MILF Island discussion from 30 Rock:

2. We've been lucky to have some non-MILF Island fans check out our review of Radiohead's In Rainbows, at the Society blog. Hopefully it'll be the top selling album this week and for the next few weeks. If more bands can do this (Oasis is rumored to try the same thing in the near future), then maybe the RIAA can stop filing lawsuits against children, single mothers, and the elderly.

3. But we all know, the recording industry will remain happy with the same old, same old. The same old business plan gave them that recent Nickelback album All the Right Reasons, which has been hovering in the top 20 for the past two years or so. Speaking of which, how are that many people buying that album every week?

I suspect that the same 100,000 people have about ten copies of the album, buying a new copy every week or so. That's as much sense I can make concerning pop music. I am happy to not be part of THAT LIST. Whew!

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