Saturday, October 6, 2007

Politics: What Do You Keep in Your Pockets?

Here are a couple of clichés: You are what you eat. I can tell who you are by the company that you keep.

Now, do the "things eaten" and the "company kept" also refer to small knick-knacks and portable odds 'n ends?

According to Stephen Colbert, third-tier hopeful for the Democratic Presidential nomination Representative Dennis Kucinich (whew, that took a while to spit out!) keeps a lot of things in his pockets. But what does this say about the man who doesn't have much of a chance for the nomination, much less the election?

Check out this video from Comedy Central, with Colbert analyzing the candidate's pockets, and decide for yourself:

To recap, Dennis Kucinich keeps:
1. Prayer from St. Francis,
2. Copy of the Constitution,
3. AFL-CIO membership card,
4. 1960s baseball card of Rocky Colavito,
5. Fragment from Miguel de Unamuno,
6. Recycled bag of green tea, and
7. Osama bin Laden (conjectured by Colbert), all in his pockets.

What things are in YOUR pockets? Hot pockets?

Dennis Kucinich's House of Representatives photograph is in the public domain.

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