Friday, October 19, 2007

I Have Fulfilled My Destiny!

I believe I recounted this anecdote before: In high school, my class took some sort of personality test that recommended what career paths we should consider. My result was two fold: (1) acrobat and (2) cake decorator.

Since there are already acrobats named DeRamos, I feel no need (and have no skill) to follow the acrobat route.

As far as cake decorating, I believe I have done my part. To celebrate our mom's birthday, and instead of leaving the job to professionals, my brother baked a cake and I decorated it. So there. I did it. I decorated a cake. The prophecy is half-fulfilled.

Since I'm in the process of getting leaner and meaner (fit, as they say), I just might try to do something acrobatic.

And then the circle will be complete...or something to that effect.

By the way, I did not decorate the cake depicted above, as credit for that photo belongs to Fir0002.

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