Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jason Loya!!!

Today is my friend and business associate Jason Loya's birthday. He is an artist and a filmmaker. While Jason is currently hard at work perfecting a vision called Elan Vital, check out his artwork at his personal website: JasonLoyaCreations.

The painting to the left is one of Jason's self-portraits, appropriately titled Self Portrait 2002. Incidentally, 2002 was the same year I met Jason, as we took a television production course and randomly met while discussing a midterm or something.

If you have seventeen minutes to spare, check out a student film of his (that Mutiny Universe will revisit in the near future). It's a film called Noise Scene 7: Inside, also produced in 2002:

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  1. Jason is very talented DeRamos. just stumbled your post to my SU blog.


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