Tuesday, October 9, 2007

About Ryan DeRamos

Ryan DeRamos is left-handed and was born on a Friday. While both traits are considered unlucky in many cultures, Ryan considers these trivial facts as badges of honor. It's his little way of defying the Fates in some sort of quasi-mythological fashion. And no, he doesn't speak nor write in the third-person that often.

Ryan is currently a filmmaker and chief financial officer of Mutiny Universe. With this company, he's directed two music videos and is currently working on the score for a film called Elan Vital. He also hosts a weekly podcast where he spins independent music and rants about stuff. There are several projects in the works that are littered with Ryan's fingerprints.

One of Ryan's directed music videos is for "White Rhino" by the Society of Gloves, which is also his band. He sings and plays guitar, as well as other instruments needed for each song. Once the Society writes and records thirty or so songs, he and his brother/bandmate Jonathan can pick out the dozen or so that work together. From there, the Society will remix, remaster, and release an album. Currently the songs are free to download from both the Society's blog and MySpace profile. There is also an option to donate to the Society/DeRamos.org, if a listener deems that course of action to be necessary.

Ryan was a video production instructor, guitar teacher, and jack-of-all-trades substitute for a brief period of time. He has fond memories of the teaching profession, so he also works on a music instruction blog called Chord du Jour, in the hope that a random web surfer will learn something from that site.

Today, October 9th, is Ryan's birthday (and yes, it is weird to plug one's own birthday while writing in the third person). While it is doubtful anyone will comment on this blog - it's relatively new and only attracts a large number of random vistors looking for MILF Island - you can wish Ryan a happy birthday on his MySpace, MySpace Music, Facebook, Friendster, Orkut, Hi5, Shelfari, MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, and whatever social networking site he's forgotten to list.

A birthday gift high on Ryan's wish list is a better Google PageRank (PR) for DeRamos.org. This can easily be done if a webpage with a high PR contains a link to DeRamos.org. If you are a webmaster/webmistress with the ability to give such a gift, please do so and let us know, and we'll gladly add your website/blog to the Blog Roll (to the right).

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