Wednesday, October 3, 2007

ABC's "Cavemen" Offensive to Neanderthal-Americans

I think I read somewhere that George Lopez was very upset that his multi-camera, studio audience sitcom (which is currently making big bucks in syndication) had been canceled to make room for ABC's new single-camera sitcom Cavemen. In other words, a show that brought real ethnic diversity (though not really socioeconomic diversity ...ahem...middle class...ahem) to the primetime lineup was replaced by a show that supposedly poses questions of identity and prejudice - as portrayed by (presumably) white Homo sapien actors with makeup, etc. etc. etc. What did I just hear? Neanderthals flourished in Europe and probably shared the same skin tone as the Cro-Magnons that invaded and flourished and dispersed and colonized the world? Well...okay, reductio ad Hitlerum. But still, any semblance of real diversity was replaced by fake I don't know...

Anyhow, here's my little analysis of the pilot episode, of which I didn't pay too much attention:

1. It doesn't make me want to change my auto insurance to Geico. The anthropomorphic gecko is a much better spokesperson.

2. The product placement of the Nintendo Wii DOES make me want to buy a Nintendo Wii.

3. Are any of the Cavemen actors from the commercial? I can't tell - THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE! Har har har...they proved their point! If that's the only socially-aware point of the series, then they should stop while they're on top! (Or because of low ratings...)

4. Do you know who should really be pissed? Actual Neanderthals, or Neanderthal-Americans, if they live in the U.S. of A. Those people, as well as actors and other human beings with either strong forehead ridges (Ted Danson, Jimmy Smits, Christopher Lambert, etc.) and/or people who haven't shaved/got a haircut in years (yours truly). We should all be pissed. Let's gather signatures for a petition!

Photo of Neanderthal mannequin from the American Museum of Natural History Museum credit: 3dnatureguy.

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