Saturday, September 22, 2007

To Be Omnipresent: Social Networking Websites

Here is a shortlist of social networking websites I have joined in the past ten years, with the bulk of them just recently. This is by no means a complete list, as I think I might have forgotten a couple along the way. This actually reminds me of the first few days of junior year in high school, when my friend Daniel and I joined pretty much every school club and then quit nearly all of them the following week. Anyhow, the list:

MySpace. Duh. It's ranked...wait...please hold for a brief interruption...

I have not signed up for Windows Live Spaces, but it actually outranks MySpace at number five on the Alexa Top 500 worldwide websites.

MySpace. Duh. It's ranked number six on the Alexa Top 500 worldwide websites.

Orkut (owned by Google). It's big in Greenland, Brazil, and India. It's ranked number seven.

Facebook. Now that they've opened admission to college has-beens (i.e., those who've forgotten their official school email), I've joined, it has a quieter vibe than MySpace. It's ranked 10 on Alexa.

Hi5. It's big in Central and South America, and a few other pockets of the world here and there. It's number 11 on Alexa.

Friendster. I joined in 2003 and abandoned it around 2004. I logged on again to spread the word about Mutiny Universe, The Society of Gloves,, etc. It's number 16. In 2003, it used to be at the top of the social networking ladder. Google wanted to buy Friendster at one point.

AOL. Speaking of used to be at the top, this one was at the top TOP in the 1990s. We had to pay about $20 a month to use AOL's chat rooms, Instant Messenger, and a bunch of other stuff. I'm just glad AOL's reduced the price of their non-service appropriately: It's free for the most part now. AOL is number 53 on the list. To reminisce of my old buddy list...

LiveJournal. I opened an LJ account in 2004; it has all of about three posts on it. It ranks at number 57. Yes, this is more of a blogging site, but the last time I checked, there's also a buddy list aspect to LJ. That's what makes it both a social networking site and a blogging site (like Blogger!).

Xanga. I opened a Xanga account in 2003. The last real post was around 2005. I recently returned to install a widget that feeds (and my other current blogs) to my most recent Xanga post. Xanga ranks at number 91. This is yet another blogging site with some buddy list code intertwined in the structure.

I'm not on Bebo, but it's number 95. I might have to join soon.

ICQ. I joined ICQ in 1999. I had no idea what it did then, and I have no idea what it does now, ranking at 106.

LinkedIn. It's like MySpace for faceless business people. It's ranked 139.

And the sites that currently miss the 500 cut...

Twitter. If you also sign up for TwitterFeeds (or a similar service) and link that to all your blog RSS feeds, you're set. Just set it and forget it, as they say on a cooking informercial. Twitter is ranked 620.

Shelfari. Books. 20,761.

Tribe Hollywood. For the NYU diaspora in Hollywood. Somehow, my MU compatriots and I ended up there too. 734,205.

Et cetera. Ad infinitum. Ad nauseam.

While this isn't a term paper or an academic essay by any stretch of the imagination - this is a BLOG - but here are my sources: The ever-present and not quite accurate Wikipedia, and the ever-present-for-those-who-know and reputable Alexa.


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