Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is My Education Who I Am Now?

Within the next few hours, I will post the latest episode of Radio@MU (go to FeedBurner or iTunes if you want to subscribe), where I rant further and more incoherently about education and, I guess, alternatives that would be more beneficial. I actually don't remember what I recorded last week, so it might be a surprise to myself as well. The rant is part two of three, that much I remember, and it is part of episode #16, along with some great music.

If the recent entries aren't as meaty as it sometimes is, The Society of Gloves blog might have more interesting entries. It's more of a tug-of-war kind of thing between the two blogs for content, as this site has evolved to be more philosophic (and sophomoric?) and The Society's blog seems to be more about music and sometimes esoteric things, like bizarre dreams that I need to preserve. And all that is subject to change, too.

I'm glad that my reader base - according to FeedBurner - is slowly but surely growing. I'd like to know who exactly reads this thing (or my other blogs), so I can find out if you have a blog too, so I can post a link on the Recommended Reading list on the right-hand column of this page.

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