Friday, September 14, 2007

The Haves and the Have Mores

Check out this alternate version of the reformed Smashing Pumpkins' single "Tarantula," edited and composited by Levi Ahmu:

I want to make two observations about and around the video:

1. Congratulations, Levi Ahmu! This is visually superior to the retro-ish official music video for "Tarantula." The compositing is awesome, and so are the key-framed effects.

2. This was part of a music video-editing contest sponsored by the Pumpkins, where the winner received a Mac Pro. Obviously, Levi Ahmu won the contest. By the same token, Levi probably doesn't need a Mac Pro...unless the new computer can be doubled with whatever system was originally used for the re-edited video...then THAT would make it a more-than-fully operational Death Star, I mean, editing bay.

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