Monday, August 20, 2007

The Invisible Empire

Well, okay...maybe the Blogosphere isn't an invisible empire...but then again, maybe it is. I've been blogging without much purpose since the year 2000. I've manually uploaded journal-esque webpages onto my old AOL and Tripod free websites (which are long gone, I'm sure...?). I think that most Web surfers who blog, blog without any ulterior motive...since they post on their MySpace blog or Xanga or LiveJournal.

But those who take the extra step start to monetize their blog, with advertisement and/or merchant affiliations. has done just that. At this point in a blogger's blogging "career" is when he or she sees the invisible empire. The Blogosphere, in all its glory and vices.

Like real-life societies, virtual societies (like MySpace and people who play World of Warcraft), and high schools, the Blogosphere has some sort of social terms of money and power. Yes, money and elsewhere. Famous blogs easily generate substantial income with their traffic. People click on their ads and buy their merch. It's as simple as that...and I'm not even talking about bloggers who are famous on TV (i.e., Perez Hilton). I'm talking about people like John Chow, who I've never heard of until I stumbled upon his site yesterday. Apparently, he makes five figures a month being an Internet entrepreneur. And he's famous as well as infamous in the circle of bloggers. It's the same with Tyler Cruz, who makes his money blogging and flipping URLs like real estate...and I found out about this guy maybe only a month ago.

It's just an eye-opener...the blogging subculture...well, it's actually a global SUPERculture. And yes, I name dropped, hoping that this site will get good placement on a Google search. Search engine optimization (SEO) is another thing, which we'll get to later...or maybe not.

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