Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It's something else when your friendly neighborhood fast food joint neglects to add the beef patty to four of the ten hamburgers ordered to-go. Maybe that particular establishment - which will remain McNameless (okay, maybe not) - was trying to tell me something.

Of course, according to the Centers for Disease Control, "Since the mid-seventies, the prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased sharply for both adults and children. Data from two NHANES surveys show that among adults aged 20–74 years the prevalence of obesity increased from 15.0% (in the 1976–1980 survey) to 32.9% (in the 2003–2004 survey)."

Okay, point taken. To be fair, I have been gradually cutting my calorie intake...and ideally, I should hunt for my animal food source and/or refrain from...eh, who am I kidding? Anyhow...

But seriously, someone working at a hamburger restaurant forgot to put the hamburger patty in the hamburger...not only for one, but FOUR burgers. The simplest answer is probably the correct one, where Employee X made an honest, albeit quadruplicate, mistake. The alternative would be a cost-cutting conspiracy by the proprietors of that McDonald's, but even that's absurd, 'cause we're really talking about the cheap meat they use...not the quarter-pound patty or the third-pound Angus patty or even the premium chicken...not even the cheap meat on the double cheeseburger...I'm talking about four regular cheeseburgers.

So by the time this discrepancy was noticed, it wasn't even worthwhile to drive back and complain at that McDonald's. Again, we're just talking about cheeseburgers with the cheap meat. At least this incident gave me something to write about.

Where's the beef?...indeed.

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