Thursday, August 16, 2007

Also Named DeRamos

Hailing from Brazil and the United Kingdom are two acrobats named De Ramos. You can learn more about the De Ramos Acrobats at Fool's Paradise, and they have a password-protected website at Or you can go to as well. Be sure to watch their videos, as they are extremely skilled.

This reminds me of my senior year in high school, when we took a very unscientific personality test to determine the best possible career to pursue. It was funny, if I I really don't remember much. I believe my friend Chastity's result was being a border patrol agent. (She didn't pursue that possibility, but has a career in a totally different field.) I forget what my other close friends, or anyone around us, got as their potential career.

For me, it was a tie between being an acrobat or a cake decorator. Or maybe it meant that I should pursue being an acrobatic cake decorator. Anyway, at least two people who share my surname are acrobats. Maybe they can decorate a mean cake, too. Who knows...

One of these days, we'll need an extravaganza with the Society of Gloves (my particular band of DeRamos, literally and figuratively) and any and all people of the same culturally and ethnically diverse as possible, and as unrelated as humanly possible. A music video, perhaps? A big rock 'n roll circus...possibly?

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