Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Zeitgeist" Liner Notes

After much hassle (i.e. iTunes kept on rejecting my password until I restarted iTunes), I finally downloaded JC/BC, Zwan Zwei, the Halfing Pumpkins...the Smashing Pumpkins' rebirth album Zeitgeist. I gave a quasi review of it last week.

Anyway, the whole spread of Paris Hilton in the liner notes...for lack of something nice to say...ain't good. Not good at all. But then there's the topless girl...

I suppose Billy Corgan's photo montage is trying to show the death of the Smashing Pumpkins...the Billy-D'arcy-Jimmy-James Smashing Pumpkins. There's a funeral photo with a coffin full of old school Pumpkins icons: D'arcy's rat bass, the 90's SP heart, and action figures of Billy, D'arcy, Jimmy, and James. Somewhere along the way, there's a rebirth of the Pumpkins as BC/JC (they admit to it, complete with the AC/DC font). I would rather call them JC/BC, since that actually rhymes with AC/DC, but I guess Billy needs to be first. That's Billy for you.

I have yet to hear the iTunes exclusive track "Stellar," as I'm listening to the requisite Corgan epic "United States" right now. I'm four tracks away from the bonus track.

Included are the MySpace/Spin Magazine covers by...for lack of something meaner to say...emo bands. I already listened to the Spin CD, and I wasn't impressed. I think I liked the "Ava Adore" cover the best. As much as the Pumpkins sound can be heard in modern-day emo, you can also their influence in good ol' rock and roll bands...like, I don't know, The Society of Gloves.

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