Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Analysis of a CD Cover...?

OK, I'm being trite. I admit it. I'm probably using this post to hopefully gain some sort of web ranking. So we have Exhibit A: The cover of the Halfing Pumpkins' first single off Zeitgeist, "Tarantula." As you can see, it definitely is in the "spirit of the time" (the English translation of the German word 'zeitgeist'). You know, I'm not going to use her name in the body of this entry. (See the post labels.) The only thing that might be passe is the Blackberry phone. We all know it should be an Apple iPhone. Maybe Miss Heiress will receive said Apple iPhone as a release present. Who knows?

Anyway, here's the Sm-sm-sm-sma-Smashing Pumpkins' first single (post-reformation), "Tarantula." It rocks. It does. I like it. And to be fair, their new second guitarist and chick bass player ('cause Corgan loves him the ladies playin' the bass) are really good. This is a montage from their first show back:

I have to mention that they played this song in Paris. Whether or not they stayed at the Hilton is up for the really obsessed to find out.

Oh yeah, the mushroom cloud in the background of the single cover. That's obvious, or decide.

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